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Top 10 YouTube shorts niches - YouTube Shorts Niches To Get a LOT of Views FAST


Top 10 YouTube shorts niches

You can have the best camera in the world and the best video editing but if your video topics are something that no one is interested in then you're not gonna get any views that's why in this video I will share with you top 10 YouTube shorts niches that I've been using across my channels to get over 10 billion views on those YouTube shorts I'm also going to be explaining which of these niches are great for just getting

  Views and which of these niches are great not just for getting views but also for monetizing and what are the different ways that you can actually monetize those YouTube shorts in certain niches that we're gonna talk about in this video and you can also click the first link in the description box down below for a complete step-by-step YouTube automation training program where I will show you exactly how to set up everything how to grow your channels And how to establish automation systems once again that's going to be the first link in the description box down below the very first YouTube shorts Niche is going to be makeup and Beauty this is a great Niche they can not only get you millions and hundreds of millions of views but you can also monetize it with great brand deals so brand deals and sponsorships rate really decent in this Niche and you can also promote your own products either as an affiliate or the Products that you have created now obviously this would be great if you actually had a personal brand type of YouTube shorts Channel but later on we are also going to talk about some YouTube shorts that are entirely for faceless YouTube automation channels the next YouTube shorts Niche is going to be famous people speech so you can basically take speeches you can take interviews of famous people and you can cut out 30 to 60 seconds when they say Something that's really interesting you can add some captions you can add some editing make it unique add unique value to those videos and then you can publish it to your channel honestly these videos kinda easily get millions of views they cannot go as viral as makeup and Beauty type of videos but in my personal opinion are a little bit easier to monetize either with your own digital products or we just add revenue and coming from February 2023 you will also Be able to monetize your YouTube shorts Channels with ads as well just as you are able to monetize long from a Content you're also going to be able to put ads on your YouTube shorts videos starting from February 1st 2023. now the requirements for that partner program are going to be to have at least 1 000 subscribers and 10 million YouTube shorts views in a 90 days which is pretty insane but if you're able to reach that then you can monetize these Types of YouTube shorts with ads the next YouTube shorts Niche is going to be viral challenges so if you're spending some time on Tick Tock you might have seen a couple of different viral challenges and they just come and go these are Trends so this is not something that's ever green but it's great for getting a lot of views fast for example this video was posted on a small Channel it was posted four days ago and they've already gotten 1.7 Million views on this one single YouTube short and this is like a challenge where she jumps on all of these balloons there's a lot of different challenges of course this is just one specific one but this one has gotten 1.7 million views and the next YouTube shorts Niche is going to be the travel niche these types of videos can easily be monetized with brand deals with affiliate marketing there's a lot of great affiliate products when it comes to traveling for Example if you are specifically focusing on camping videos then you can promote camping equipment from Amazon you can just sign up to Amazon affiliate program and then you can promote those in your YouTube shorts and of course you can also monetize these videos with ads starting from February 1st 2023. the next YouTube shorts Niche is going to be the luxury Niche this is where you showcase luxury cars a luxury equipment luxury houses just overall the luxury Luxurious life people love watching these videos but it's actually really hard to monetize them so you can't really promote any great programs any High ticket offers any High ticket digital products or whatsoever but you can definitely monetize them with ads from February 1st 2023 and you can also get some brand deals on these channels now another great way if you monetize YouTube shorts channels is to start growing them and then start sharing some Something on a community on a community tab so you can start promoting something in a community tab because once you start growing a YouTube shortage Channel your community posts will have a wider reach so what do you publish on the community tab can be seen by tens of thousands of people so you can either promote an affiliate link or you can sell paid Community posts to other people to promote their products brands or websites then next to YouTube short Niche is gonna be a pretty funny one and that's the meme's Niche this is a really easy one and it can actually get millions upon millions of views it has a wide Mass Appeal so here's an example Channel A to Z and they have they have shorts that have gained millions and millions of views like for example 6 million views here 6 million six million 11 million and if you open up any of their videos you're gonna be able to see that they didn't film anything seven Years only sleep all they're doing is basically just showing pictures and then they actually have an AI voiceover in the background so they basically just use text to speech look look at this very bad my dad who picked me up from the sofa and this is pretty much all they're doing with these YouTube shorts and getting millions of views because people either love watching them or they also feel relatable like they relate to to these Memes so they share them with their friends and when they share them with their friends obviously YouTube is gonna promote these videos as much as possible because you're you're bringing people from other platforms to YouTube the next YouTube shorts Niche is going to be the celebrity news Niche here's an example Channel over here that is not specifically posting YouTube shorts but it is getting millions of views with these types of videos so all they're Doing is finding news about celebrities like Charlie demilio you literally just go to Google you type in Charlie demilio you go to the news section you can see what's happening and you can turn those news into actual YouTube shortest videos so here's an update on on Charlotte Emilio she just did this this or that here's an update on Justin Bieber he's an update on any other celebrity there's millions of celebrities around the world and you can just create update type of Shorts or or news on those celebrities and actually get a lot of views from Their audience they already have an audience so you don't have to build it from scratch you can just piggyback off of the audience that they've built over the years the next YouTube short Niche is going to be the highlights Niche so here's a really creative example this is PewDiePie highlights YouTube channel PewDiePie is one of the biggest creators in the world and what this person is Doing is he's just watching PewDiePie's videos and then he finds some funny or interesting parts and he just Clips out like 20 30 seconds obviously gives huge credits to PewDiePie edits that and then post this to you his channel and he gets millions and millions of views on these videos and obviously PewDiePie is grateful for this he's not going to copyright strike because this person is growing his Rich if PewDiePie got like 2 million views on this video but this Version made a short and it got 9 million views then seven more million people found out about PewDiePie so this person is helping him grow his personal brand and in return PewDiePie is letting him repost stuff from his Clips so you can basically find some show or find some YouTubers and then just take Parts off of their videos and turn them into YouTube shorts YouTube shorts Niche number nine is going to be the facts Niche so with facts you can actually get Millions upon millions of views because these are really really interesting and they're also ever agreeing so it's not like one of those viral challenges that we talked about earlier that you published today and then after seven days it's gone no one is gonna watch it ever again these types of videos can get you millions of views today they can get you millions of views the next few months three months or even three years so this is a perfect example over here Look Davidson effects and this person is actually growing their personal brand rapidly with his YouTube shorts because all he does is just reads the facts that he founds on Google and then just lists pictures behind him for example 10 facts you didn't know that could save your life he probably just Googled this 10 minutes before making the video and then he just records that put some pictures on the screen and that's all he did to gain over 52 million views in that one Single YouTube short in the final YouTube shorts Niche is going to be the gaming music actually this Niche can get you hundreds of millions of views it has a potential to go extreme really viral and it's actually pretty simple and easy and straightforward to create these types of YouTube shorts because all you can do is if you're already playing games you already know which parts are interesting so you can just record the gameplay and then just take out some Some of the most interesting parts and if you're playing some game that is already popular then you can piggyback on that audience and get millions of views obviously don't play some random games that no one has heard about because then if someone comes across it it's not going to look familiar so they're just gonna skip it but if you're playing some of the most popular games right now then you have a potential to get a lot of views for example this is What this person is doing like 15 million views 11 million views 10 million views and all this person is doing is just clipping out gameplays so he plays a game it records everything and then just Clips out some of the most interesting Parts publishes that on the channel he's not actually speaking he's not showing his face in the camera he's not doing any of that he's literally just recording the screen there's music in the background and he gets millions And millions and millions of views and this is unique content no one is going to copyright strike your whatso however so those are 10 different types of YouTube shorts channels that you can start in 2023 to get a lot of views and easily go viral now if you want to see once again how to build an entire YouTube automation channel channel where you're not showing your face and not recording anything with a camera and click the first link in the description Box down below and I will walk you through the entire process step by step and show you exactly how to do it I'm literally going through the process Click by click to make sure that you are able to set up everything properly I really hope you got some value out of this video if you did drop a like and I will see you next time

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